What’s Notable About Nashville?

The city of Nashville is located in Tennessee, and it’s the capital city of Nashville. With a population of approximately 1,800,000, the southern city is known for being the place for music, food, culture, as well as a hub for banking, healthcare and education. Although Nashville is located in the south, it is not considered the “deep south.” Instead, Nashville is more of a cosmopolitan city that caters to a wide variety of people. Nashville is regarded as one of the major cities in the United States with some notable things to take advantage of.

1. It’s Nicknamed is “Music City USA.”

Nashville is known as a place to make music and play music. Entertainers, especially country music performers call Nashville home for recording and performing music. Virtually every country music star has passed through Nashville at one time or another. In fact, some of the country music stars live in Nashville. To find some of the best in country music and country music performers, check out places like The Ryman Auditorium or The Station Inn.

2. Nashville Is Known for its Awesome Food Like Hot Chicken

Hot chicken is a poultry dish that originated out of Nashville. A chicken breast, wing or thigh is marinated, floured, fried and covered with a special and unique cayenne pepper paste. It is typically served on the top of white bread. Try places like Prince’s, Hattie B’s, Bolton’s and more for the best hot chicken dishes in the city.

3. Take Advantage of the Festivals in Nashville

If there’s ever been a place for festivals, it’s Nashville. There are many festivals offered throughout the year including The Americana Music Festival; Music City Eats, the Nashville Film Festival, The Tomato Arts Festival, Live on the Green, and more. Fun times and entertainment are what you’ll experience at Nashville festivals.

4. Spot a Celebrity

When you’re in New York or Los Angeles, you’re likely to spot a celebrity or two. The same goes for Nashville. Celebrities you might catch in Nashville are Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, his wife Nicole Kidman, and more.

5. Visit The Country Music Hall of Fame

The height of Nashville is The Country Music Hall of Fame. This is where country music history is showcased as the most famous place for country music and country music stars. See thousands of artifacts and catch magnificent performers of country music.

Nashville is a vibrant cosmopolitan city that is well known. Take advantage of the music, food and other culture in Nashville.